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I ventured out tonight after work for a quick look over of the garden as I usually do and looks like nothing much really happened. I did however notice the watermelons are doing pretty well. The vines are still growing really good and still threatening to consume the peppers. While looking closer I noticed we have about at least three to four melon fruits have set. I’m super excited to see how big and sweet they get and hope we don’t have any pest disturb them while they grow.

Small tiny melon

This itty bitty teeny tiny melon is so cute!

I will venture out again tomorrow to check the rest of the corn and straighten up the watermelon vines and get everything watered. I may try again at the weeding now that most of the corn is done and see how that goes.

P.S. For the people watching, the baby rabbits didn’t fare so well overnight. One the the babies was half eaten (not sure what does that?) And another was missing a foot (and was unfortunately┬ádead). I feel bad for them but this is the way of the world. I took care and removed the two maimed babies from the nest and recovered the other one, with hope that (s)he might continue this life (s)he has even if that means my garden is the victim but if that’s the price I’ll just plant more!