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Welcome back, since the last post we have learned a few things about growing seedlings and small plants in an enclosed space. We tried our luck growing some spinach and lettuce for some general consumption but the results turned out to be less then optimal. The light panels we had turned out to be too low of wattage to provide enough light. This in turn cause the plants to be small and leggy while also not producing much plant mass.

The Lettuce

We went ahead and pulled the head lettuce we were growing to be replaced with leaf lettuce. The lettuce of course had very little taste to it and turned out being tasty to the cats! We replanted with some “Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce” that seems to be just taking off now. This lettuce variety is an actual leaf type that you can pick as it grows and i think this will turn out great.

Fluffy eating some lettuce
Kitty and Baby eating some greens

The Spinach

The spinach seems to be growing very slowly and i’m starting to wonder if it’s not starting to “bolt” or going to seed. I think we will be replanting the spinach to try a round two now we have some more experience.

Whats New?

Spring is right around the corner and we are super stoked! We have started our spring garden seedlings and have some fast growth happening. Currently we have started our peppers and broccoli and a few misc. seeds we would like to get going. We will be getting the tomatoes and rest of the veggies going as we get into spring. Hopefully we will have a fantastic variety of items from the garden this year.

The Onions

These tiny alien looking things are just probably the easiest thing to ever grow next to the lettuce. They were easy to seed as you don’t have to worry about spacing. We are using a high density planting method to plant about 500 onion seeds all together. The roots don’t intertwine so this is perfect for starting the seeds inside.

Also of note, we are upgrading our indoor planting light to a newer more powerful LED light. Currently we were/are getting by with two small 45w led panels which just isn’t enough. We have upgraded to a more powerful 1200w light which should be perfect for our small growing space. Not only should this help our plants grow bigger but should help then from being too leggy while still seedlings. This will help us to have more hardy plants in the garden as well!

Until next time, keep learning and hopefully we have some dry and warmer weather here soon so we can get our hands dirty.