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Well would ya look at that, another week has passed by and another update. A few nights ago we ended up with a random spring snow storm who would of guessed. Well the last week has been very uneventful both in the closet and life. Life wise, Angie and I are still working and being very very bored doing so. We can be happy we have jobs i guess as some people just aren’t as lucky. I’m hopeful the warm weather will finally come soon so the plots can be tilled up. We’re trying to avoid the mud as much as we can.

In the closet we have had a little bit of growth but not a ton from the last update. The plants are getting ready to make their way outside and some have started the hardening process as of today. More will start up tomorrow and a few will take a while yet im thinking, mainly the Lavender as it just takes a it’s sweet time to grow it seems.

Below you can find the updates from the last week as usual, we will probably keep with this format until their is some more stuff happening to update more often. You can see for yourself there wasn’t much excitement from the last week but any growth is good growth.

Until next time, Enjoy!