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We started growing lettuce and spinach in our little office closet. We initially started this to try to have a small harvestable grow. While i think this was a good initial idea, I think we are lacking in the space department currently. Though this is something i will be thinking about for the future and trying to solve it as time allows. For now we will probably “thin the herd” soon and keep just the spinach.

The Bad: Lettuce

The main reason for the negativity is we started some Spinach (Giant Noble) and some Iceberg Lettuce. While this is nothing to be particularly negative about, i ended up learning that head lettuce doesn’t grow very well in close quarters. Currently the seeds were planted in small planter buckets. By the time they would be ready to go outdoors, it will still be nice and frosty here most likely. On the plus side, i believe the lettuce will make a great tasty snack by the time i pull it.

I realized that there’s a difference between head lettuce and leaf lettuce, which is great before i started the spring seedlings. The head lettuce grows into a obvious bunch creating the head. Leaf lettuce on the other hand can be grown for it’s leaves and you don’t need to wait. As the leaves of the plant will keep growing as long as the plant doesn’t get too stressed or hot. This is great for making sure you always have that fresh lettuce when you want it.

The Good: Spinach

On the plus side of this little experiment, we have some awesome little spinach plants growing that couldn’t make me happier. The awesome green coming off the little seedlings is looking great and makes us hopeful for the upcoming spring. We can pick the leaves as they grow and use them as you would any baby spinach. We’re pretty excited to see how these plants grow up and more importantly produce and taste.

Whats Next?

Going forward, we are still formulating a plan for our garden this spring. We would like to plant more types of plants and hopefully eat a lot more healthy as our garden produces. We’re currently working on a small plan for some big changes too our yard, without breaking the bank. We will of course share more as the spring approaches, Until next time.