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Wow today was a warm one for sure. I finally had the day off from work with not much to do besides some house cleaning so I pulled out the mower and started with the ankle high grass. It usually takes about an hour or so and ten gallons of sweat to get the entire yard finished up but I somehow managed to survive and finish the job alive. While in the process I ended up scaring both myself and the little rabbit buddy that inhabits our yard, but not to worry it’s clearly a smart one and moved far away from my mowing path.

Once I finished up with the yard I decided to go and check over the garden and see what needed to be done before we got to planting. I pulled the few weeds that popped up over night and that’s about all that needed to be done today. I needed to get the dirt into shape as well due to me walking on it for the last week or so. So I hand tilled up the area and added the ¾ bag of potting soil across the area and mixed it in to encourage easier growth and hopefully less shock to the plants. I mixed all this up and at last the patch was ready to be planted.

Angela decided to venture out about this time and lend me a hand with the planting the new seedlings. We ended up replanting the cabbage, iceburg lettuce, broccoli, cantaloupe, and both types of beans. I think next time around I will sow the seeds directly into soil vs multiple seeds in a container. The roots were starting to tangle as they were growing and were still super delicate and also growing in groups. In the end we ended up planted groups of the sprouts and will let Darwin take over to see which one survive.

All in all it was a long day and very productive I fee like. Tonight I plant to do round two of the garlic dill pickles and am more prepared this time. I have stocked up on actual seed spices, Val had some Tones Pickling Spice in stock she wasn’t using and passed it off to me as well. I also got some pepper flakes to add a bit of spice and will be using a couple of the serranos and still have plenty of garlic between Val and Sandy giving us some! We shall see how round two turns out and will post our experience!