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I ventured out tonight to do my nightly check on the garden and the little rabbit out in the yard. Not much to report for the garden other then the tomatoes are setting more and more fruits on the cherry plants, though to my disappointment not on the beef steak plant unfortunately. There happens to be more Serrano’s on the pepper plant now which is awesome as I’ll probably use the few from the first harvest in the next couple of days. And finally the watermelons and cucumbers are still just growing away.

I did plant a few seeds last night in hopes that the plants start soon so they will be ready for a fall harvest. I ended up starting some cantaloupe, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce (iceburg) and some carrots. I will keep the blog updated if and when these sprout in the coming week (hopefully).

Baby rabbit ventured out of the nest of death

The baby rabbit is still alive and ventured out tonight!

As for the main part of this article, the baby rabbit, one of three I found in the backyard is still alive and kicking. I went to check on the little one tonight and for a first, I noticed the little one is out of the nest and is fully aware. It seems to be almost ready to venture out on its own, though it could in reality want to just get out of the nest of death its been in for the last week. I have high hopes it will be munching away in my garden here soon and honestly I could care less (until he brings his friends then we might have a issue!).