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yellow dandelion closeup photography

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So it starts, we recently planted a small garden with some basics in order to get our feet wet and try to grow something we can eat on our own. We ended up choosing the usual beginner plants: tomatoes, corn, onions, cucumber, watermelon, and some pepper plants both jalapeno and serrano peppers. So far we have harvested a few tomatoes and cucumbers but not much else of the rest.

We have realized we are not the best garden people and have a ton to learn as we continue on in our journey. We started by underestimating the amazing growth of weeds, these amazing little growing devils seem to sprout up 5 feet (clearly an overestimation) overnight! Next up we almost killed off all the corn from lack of water because i didn’t realize corn needs a crap ton of water both when rooting and growing. And finally we also learned the recommendation on the seed packs / potting pods you should really abide by. We planted the watermelons to close to the cucumbers and had to route both the plants away from the cucumbers toward the peppers. Now the watermelons will overtake the peppers soon i fear!

On the other side, we have plenty of cherry tomato plants i cloned from one i got from work in late spring. All are doing well, i believe i got six in total planted as clones and most have tomatoes yet are green yet. We had corn pre-planted in some planters by Angie’s mom before the garden was ready. We planted these in the garden in rows of about four. I think we ended up with about approx. fourtyish corn plants and i know some didn’t take when transplantedĀ  and were pulled. On a trip out to Walmart one day i ended up nabbing the two watermelon, two jalapeno’s, one serrano pepper plants. Those are with the exception of the jalapeno’s have done very well and the serrano has cute little peppers all over it.

We have researched a lot of information on various types of gardening and also have looked up all kinds of different types of plants and flowers. We have a plan that if we can begin to grow some of our own foods and help supplement the bad in our diet, and in general brighten up our small part of the earth we have to us it will be better for us and help improve our general wellness. Our hope is to grow a small amount of vegetables and fruits and replace the snack foods we usually resort to.

In order for us to actually replace the snack foods we are doing a ton of research and are still working out a plan for the start of next year to ensure a more bountiful harvest. We are debating on using some hydroponic a-frame setups as this would provide us with some indoor and outdoor setups to also test out the differences. We would of course still grow in the ground as well, but would hope to have more experience and better luck.

On this blog we will have updates from our garden, and in time hope to be able to share what we learn along the way. I hope to have some friends post as well on their own endeavors and share their knowledge as well. We don’t have a time frame or schedule on how often we will post as we work as well and sometimes have a social life. But we will keep you updated if you signup for our newsletter, and you will be sure to get our newest updates, tutorials, and general knowledge as we post it.