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That amazing sweet golden corn is almost ready to be picked. We ventured out tonight to see if the bunnies were okay, and they were still half covered and looked fine. We left them to be and both of us walked over to the garden area to see how everything looked. I wanted to check on the corn a bit to see how they were doing as i was doing a bit of reading about corn harvesting and noticed a common theme that the silk turns reddish/brownish color. I know that mine are this color (the ones not missing anyways) and upon checking the kernels are full and to the top, i pressed my nail into one and it came out a bit clear. I know from reading that this means it’s a bit early and you really want that milky color so you know it’s nice and sweet.

Hands up in cornThe rest of the garden look about the same, with a bit bigger serranos. I noticed a rogue cucumber almost touching the ground which ill have to snip in a day or two as well. The tomatoes look okay, but could improve a lot. I will be looking into this in the next day or two and see what we can do to remedy this. I look forward to Tuesday so i can get out there and really see whats going on. If we’re able to once the corn finishes we will probably replant where the corn is if were able, and honestly easier to till the small area then pull that grass by hand.