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So I got home from work tonight and of course went to check the garden and make sure i didn’t kill anything before the day is over. While doing so i usually let Chaos out to do his business (along with Lucky tonight) and he makes a be line to the back end of the yard. I make no notice of this while i check out the garden, that is until Chaos start jumping around like a idiot and starting to bark like when playing with the cats. I figured he seen a field mouse or another snake and was trying to play with it.

Well after i finish messing about, maybe two minutes later he starts freaking out again and jumping about like he caught something. I walked over with my phone in hand to light my way and when i get over to him i’m horrified to see he’s been doing all this to some baby rabbits. These little ones are maybe a few days old at most as they were tiny but were nice and fur covered and had some jump in them. I shooed him away back into the house, Lucky was already back up near the house as he wasn’t participating in this bad behavior luckily.

Once inside i proceeded to wash my hands with some dawn dish soap to ensure i was cleaned up and venture out into the backyard to find the dispersed bunnies and move them back into their nest. Little note here, i did read that nine out of ten times mom is just away getting in some me time and will still care for the babies once she returns. I also read that you should cover them up with some leaves or clippings and place a small stick over the top to be able to easily see if mama returns. As such i did this and will await the return of mama and watch Chaos to ensure he don’t give these little ones a heart attack.

On a side note I noticed the watermelons apparently want to become one with the serrano pepper plant, will have to take care of this tomorrow so it don’t get choked out here soon.

Watermelon taking over serrano

Watermelons grow where they want it seems