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So today I awoke to go let Mr. “Garden Muncher” Chaos, and his buddy “On the Sneak Snacker” Lucky out to go pee today and what do I see, but some honey bees picking around my flowers. This is the first time I’ve actually caught the bees out in the garden and to see them buzzing around doing their pollination thing was super exciting. Angie prefers to stray away from the bees when they come around, but she is learning that what you really have to watch out for are them wasps, as i always tell her “Bees are bros, wasps are just dicks”.

While I was out I snapped a few images of the current status of the garden which you can see below. With its overflowing watermelon that’s taking over the two onion sets that actually grew (three in total if you count the random one near the cucumbers), the high growing cucumbers growing on their trellis, and the wide tomato plants some of which threaten to pull up their cages! The corn is getting to its done point I do believe and have yet to see any types fungus or worms so that’s great news. The only things ready today are more cucumbers which will sit in the fridge for a few days yet to ensure freshness for when we make some dill pickles.