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So not much happened in the last few days with the garden in general besides us planting some need seeds in some containers. We ended up getting a few more “cherry tomatoes” off the mama plant (remember we cloned this one a few times) which are sitting on the kitchen counter to clear up them tiny yellow/orange spots. While watering this morning i found out the mama can’t handle her own weight anymore and crushed itself. I will be looking into getting this to stand back up hopefully tomorrow with some of the wire fencing bob has over at our house as it seems more rigid and a lot stronger then the cages. We have been taking cucumbers from the plants as they finish up and plan to make some more pickles in the coming week.

The first homemade garlic dill pickles ended up turning out horribly salty, and totally unfit for human consumption though that’s what testing is for all after all. I think on the next try i will be sure to soak the cucumbers in a ice bath again as this seemed to help preserve the crunchiness. Also i will be using a lot less salt, i’m not quite sure what happened with the first round but will also be tasting the brine before i pour it in as i unfortunately did not do this the first time.

We have a lot of new growth from the seedlings i planted a few days ago now. I figured when i planted the seeds that i would put a few into each hole to ensure i got at least one of each plant. This was apparently not a good idea, and i am now getting multiple seeds sprouting in the same pots really close to each others. On the plus side i’m very happy with the growth in just the last two days and cant wait until Tuesday for my day off to get everything planted in the ground and get the lawn taken care of. Below are some pictures of all the new plant growth which you can feast your eyes upon. Until next time, have a great day!