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As the snow still sits in the yard, i’m left remembering the sun as it hit my face while out in the garden last year. I remember how the warmth hit my face and how it made me feel like i could just force the garden to grow by my own lone will. I also remember about 45 minutes later that as i was knee deep in dirt/mud and wishing i never had started the whole thing because i was miserably sweaty, sore and ready for a shower…

Our garden once the snow hit in 2018

After everything was said and done last season, i was entirely proud of my self for actually sticking with it. I went from barely having any experience keeping anything alive (plant wise, good with animals) to being able to actually eat some of my own hard labors. I realize i didn’t plan anything out last season nor did I really know which way was up as i was making it up as I went along.

This year for 2019, we plan to do a bit of planing and research and actually have a good if not great looking garden this year. We have been talking about trying to grow some food we can actually eat for meals rather then the ten thousand cherry tomatoes like we had last year in the garden.

As we start gardening in 2019 we plan to have some new experiences and learn a ton more then last year. We will of course share all our knowledge along the way as we learn it ourselves. We hope your 2019 is a great year for you and yours and hope we all have a very green garden this year!